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Well at the moment I am on holiday from teaching and that is wonderful!

I have bought a new camera an EOS Canon 550d, and its proving to be a learning curve for me. So some of my time and energy will be going into learning to use it and the Vegas studio software to edit videos. I bought it because it has an input for a mic. Little did I know at the time of buying there are issues with the external mic. I know a few guys have side stepped that, and solved it, but don’t know if I can. Might have to enlist help at some point.

I have been through a few qualms, why did I go in and buy it without some further research. Never mind its done now and the challenge is laid down to master it this year.

Cardmaking may go on hold for sometime as my time gets eaten up with new learning!

2011 intentions:
Learn to use a new camera.
Make some videos, with new to me software.
Enjoy books and audio books.
Make cards.
Watch more movies.
Follow the wisdom of the happiness project more in 2011.
Take time to meditate.
Read inspiring literature.
Update my teacher blog at least 2 -3 times a week.
Update this blog oftener.
Find a way to exercise if my foot problem doesn’t resolve itself. Sigh! Just when I was really into walking.


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Kobo ereader

A few weeks ago the Kobo ereader hit the New Zealand market.  I was fortunate to get one from the online store.  They sold out very quickly, and there were some disappointed customers who missed the first shipment.

I have wanted to obtain an ereader for sometime now.  And at last New Zealand gets one.  While I don’t travel that often it is good to know I can take a number of books, and very little space in my bag is required.

One of the main annoyances for me is that not all books can be bought as ebooks as the publishers have not allowed world wide rights.  This is so limiting.  It happens too when buying books from audible.com.  We just don’t have the same choice as our American counterparts.  While I have enough in the meantime to read on my ereader, I am often frustrated to find an ebook I want is not available for my part of the world.

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 I finished listening to this. The first non fiction book I’ve listened to in awhile. It just caught my eye when I landed on the Audible home page in late December.

I found it both entertaining and thought provoking. Gretchen does set resolutions. So many of us shy off new year resolutions because we end off not keeping them. However one day Gretchen decided she was going to try out a project to see what things made her happy. She made a plan by the month. (No that’s doable). She experimented and anything she tried that made her feel happier she kept doing, anything that she just found didn’t she dropped. She didn’t always keep resolutions, but is totally honest in her struggle.

I noticed she is a person that does a lot of research. Her bookcases must take up considerable room. As well as the book, Gretchen has a Happiness Project blog that I am now following. Now all I have to do is get more serious about my project in happiness. I am ready to go.

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The Help. Kathryn Stockett.

I have just finished this book, and I found it such compelling reading. In the first few chapters I found the style of writing in a black woman’s way a little difficult and then suddenly I was in there and it was magic.

It is the story of three women, two black and one white, and the people around them. It is a story of their daring to cross the lines, the toll that takes and the freedom it brings to each. It is set in Mississippi, and as I read I was aware that while this kind of thing was happening somewhere else in the world, it was the time when I was growing up. It’s fiction but its based on fact. I laughed, I felt deeply sad, I loved this book and the women in it. Thank you Kathryn Stockett.

Yes it is localised but it has universal application. It’s a book I’ll ponder and read again. I think this book is like a mirror, it reflects back to ourselves our own life.

I will be recommending this book to all my friends, and have added it to a pile to lend my sister at the end of January when she visits.(less)

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Forbidden Falls. Robyn Carr.

5 out of 5 stars.

This is the 9th in the series and is the story of Noah the new minister to Virgin River, and his assistand Ellie.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It made me laugh and made me feel close to tears.  Robyn has done another brilliant job.  Other characters from previous books are at times part of the story.  I know a lot of people who read these books dislike other characters coming into them too much, but I have to say it doesn’t bother me. I like that sense of community.

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My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

This is the fourth book in this series of the community in Tom’s Creek in the Shenandoah valley.  I have just finished this and very much enjoyed it. Gives so much character detail and really delves into relationships. The relationship of Eric and Gayle – divorced. The relationhip of each of them with their three sons. This book would probably fit into the genre of women’s fiction, Gayle eventually grows in herself as a woman by the time the book ends. Yet this is about Eric too. And then there is Travis. We meet some of the other characters fleetingly from the other books, my favourties Leon and Helen. These books have hooked me in, I like women’s fiction so long as its not too heavy!! And oh I want a quilt. Can’t see myself ever being able to make one, but I want to buy one for my bed. Have a quilting colleague, now I wonder……..

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