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 I finished listening to this. The first non fiction book I’ve listened to in awhile. It just caught my eye when I landed on the Audible home page in late December.

I found it both entertaining and thought provoking. Gretchen does set resolutions. So many of us shy off new year resolutions because we end off not keeping them. However one day Gretchen decided she was going to try out a project to see what things made her happy. She made a plan by the month. (No that’s doable). She experimented and anything she tried that made her feel happier she kept doing, anything that she just found didn’t she dropped. She didn’t always keep resolutions, but is totally honest in her struggle.

I noticed she is a person that does a lot of research. Her bookcases must take up considerable room. As well as the book, Gretchen has a Happiness Project blog that I am now following. Now all I have to do is get more serious about my project in happiness. I am ready to go.


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