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Well at the moment I am on holiday from teaching and that is wonderful!

I have bought a new camera an EOS Canon 550d, and its proving to be a learning curve for me. So some of my time and energy will be going into learning to use it and the Vegas studio software to edit videos. I bought it because it has an input for a mic. Little did I know at the time of buying there are issues with the external mic. I know a few guys have side stepped that, and solved it, but don’t know if I can. Might have to enlist help at some point.

I have been through a few qualms, why did I go in and buy it without some further research. Never mind its done now and the challenge is laid down to master it this year.

Cardmaking may go on hold for sometime as my time gets eaten up with new learning!

2011 intentions:
Learn to use a new camera.
Make some videos, with new to me software.
Enjoy books and audio books.
Make cards.
Watch more movies.
Follow the wisdom of the happiness project more in 2011.
Take time to meditate.
Read inspiring literature.
Update my teacher blog at least 2 -3 times a week.
Update this blog oftener.
Find a way to exercise if my foot problem doesn’t resolve itself. Sigh! Just when I was really into walking.


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Craft Robo

Today the craft robo that I had ordered arrived.  I have unpacked it and downloaded the software.  I am somewhat nervous about it, I am going to go slowly, I have asked to join a number of groups on yahoo and I will also play around, read and discover.

For anyone that doesn’t know what this machine is, it is a cutter, you send the desired shape to the machine and it cuts it out for you.  It’s going to have use at school too, not that I am much of a display person, I prefer to give all my time to teaching.

The only fly in the ointment is that the new school term is fast approaching and tomorrow I will need to start focussing there.  Oh, I could well retire from work and play all day!  I am so looking forward to that time in about four more years.  Yet I don’t wish to just live for that. I want to live in the now as well, so I will have to manage more play time!!

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 I finished listening to this. The first non fiction book I’ve listened to in awhile. It just caught my eye when I landed on the Audible home page in late December.

I found it both entertaining and thought provoking. Gretchen does set resolutions. So many of us shy off new year resolutions because we end off not keeping them. However one day Gretchen decided she was going to try out a project to see what things made her happy. She made a plan by the month. (No that’s doable). She experimented and anything she tried that made her feel happier she kept doing, anything that she just found didn’t she dropped. She didn’t always keep resolutions, but is totally honest in her struggle.

I noticed she is a person that does a lot of research. Her bookcases must take up considerable room. As well as the book, Gretchen has a Happiness Project blog that I am now following. Now all I have to do is get more serious about my project in happiness. I am ready to go.

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